2020 was a year full of unforeseen events that led to a total change in all the competition plans. Most of the activities and above all the International Finals have been postponed to 2021, in compliance with the safety and protection of all candidates.

Now at the end of the Summer a new year begins and a new edition of the competition, here are the declarations of the Patron about the scheduled events and how the next finals will be organized.

When will the next Miss Europe Continental Final be held?

“The next Miss Europe Continental finals will be held in November 2021, the final events will be three and not just one, as in previous editions. In fact, in addition to the evident growth that the competition had in previous years, thanks to the work of a team of professionals and the complex production, this break gave us the opportunity to have more time for preparations dedicated to the finals, and therefore after one year of absence, Miss Europe Continental will return in 2021 with three major final events.

The decision is also due to the fact that the registrations of the candidates have increased a lot, not only from Europe but from all over the world, and in the same way also partnerships with agents, who represent the competition and manage the events related to it in their countries.

The location of the events remains the fascinating city of Naples, which for years has been the home for our final events and welcomes and enhances the beauty of our Misses and the cultures of their countries. The Misses in the competition will be about 300 and the great news is that they will not only be of European origin, but will come from countries all over the world, representing their beauty, culture and tradition.

The first of these three events will be held as usual at the Mostra d'Oltremare, the largest space for events in the city of Naples, from 16 to 21 November 2021.

The next events will follow from November 24th to December 9th, and will be held in the suggestive and historic Sant'Aniello Theater, a complex totally modernized in full respect of the original structure, so that it would preserve the original harmony while adapting to the modern needs required by the production of a television show".

How will the events be titled?

“The events all belong to the competition and therefore their name and title remain linked to the competition itself.

Miss Europe Continental is the first event to be held at the Mostra d'Oltremare.

The other two shows that will follow at the Sant'Aniello theater, whose name and relative title will be Miss Europe Continental In The World and Miss Europe Continental International”.

What will be the difference between the events? 

“There is no difference in production or development between the shows, they will all be held in prestigious theaters; in this regard, the dates of the shows have been divided precisely to ensure that the same team of professionals could take care of all the events and guarantee the same high level for each of them.

Furthermore, the presence of several events will allow us to give the right visibility to each candidate, not having to respect the television times of a single show, and it will be possible to welcome a greater number of aspiring Miss who dream of representing their country. Still one of the most exciting aspects of having multiple events is that we will give access to the finals to all nations of the world, no longer limiting participation to only European nations.

The winner of each event will have her own crown and her own title, which she will have to represent and honor for the whole following year, with the constant support of the competition".

Tell us about your production.

"A television production always requires a hard coordination work, especially if it is a complex and elaborate show like the Miss Europe Continental finals, where each Miss participant has a very high aspiration and a great responsibility, that of representing their own country.

It is necessary that all the professionals of the different sectors work separately but at the same time constantly confronting each other, to guarantee the perfection of the final product and always exceed expectations.

Once again the stage will be unrecognizable compared to the previous edition, because more and more beautiful and elaborate. My team is already at work to work on scenography, lights, cameras, audio and all the technical equipment.

The show will consist of several fashion shows of the Miss competing, who will wear the dresses of the new collection by Giovanna Ercolano, created exclusively for the competition. The fashion shows will be alternate with choreographed moments and performances by guests and renowned artists.

Special reporters will follow what happens backstage and thanks to them the public will be able to know in real time what is happening behind the scenes, what are the moods of the girls, their emotions and impressions in the different steps of the show.

The presenters will have a very important role, having to perfectly manage artistic moments so different from each other, and also acting as a link between the girls, the public itself and above all the Jury, which will be composed of influential characters from the world of fashion and entertainment.

The finals of Miss Europe Continental of the year 2021 will therefore be very elaborate television shows, all broadcast almost simultaneously thanks to our television platform NCG Television, which will broadcast all the shows and also all the moments from backstage".