Mila Suarez was born in Casablanca in Morocco in 1988. Until the age of eighteen she spends her life between Morocco, Italy and Spain. After coming of age she moved permanently to Italy, precisely to Parma.

Mila Suarez is a model, wearer and influencer with a lot of following. She is a very frequent guest of Mediaset's TV lounges. The turning point of her life came in 2013, when she appeared on the screens of Italian television in a well-known Mediaset program. This her first appearance on TV will serve her to penetrate even more into the world of entertainment.

In 2019, Mila, now well-known face of TV absolute protagonist of the latest pink chronicles, enriches the VIP parterre of the jury of Miss Europe continental, during the seventh edition of the contest held in the Mediterranean Theater of the Mostra d'Oltremare of Naples. 

Mila, wrapped in a wonderful beige and blue dress, declares herself honored to have accepted the position of jury in such a prestigious beauty contest, where beauty is praised, and happy to be in a beautiful and warm city, such as Naples