Since the very beginning of 2020 we had to change many habits, starting from our daily routines.

The first evident change we had to face has been learning how to use the mask. We all know how unconfortable and annoying it is, but it is also the first tool at our disposal to stay safe.

However women still care for their image, even if under the mask.

So, how could we do to make it properly? Here you'll find some tips to be perfectly made up, even if under the mask!

The base
The first thing to do is to use a  moisturizer heavier than the one you were used to; this way you could avoid chafing, which is very common if using the mask for long time during the day.  

The foundation
We all know the foundation could smudge and transfer onto the mask, but how could you prevent this? Well, you have to choose a long-lasting product with a light texture; you could try with a liquid one, it is better as it hydratates the skin and usually fixes better.

The eyes
We suggest you to focus on your eyes, since they are so highlighted during this period. Have fun with eyeshadows, cat's eyes, or with any other effect you like. It is the right moment to see how your look could be better enhanced!

The lips
Even if covered by the mask, your lips too need to be always at their best! 
Either you use a lip liner under a strong no transfer, long-lasting lip color, or you choose the natural effect by using a lip balm not to loose their hydratation.

The very successful trick
The only real trick not to dirty your mask is to wait for a few minutes before wearing it.
You could help with a fixing spray or a thin layer of an opaque transparent powder to make your make-up last all the day long!

Need a tutorial? Look at our Miss Cyprus! @nelly_rai

And always remember that the best make-up you could wear, even under the mask, is your smile!!