The midi heels that were in fashion years ago are back and are more and more protagonists, we must admit that they are a dividing article.

Loved by Audrey Hepburn, she used them in a sophisticated and simple way at the same way as she was, in the 60s they were often also worn by Grace Kelly but had their moment of glory in the 50s because they were worn by girls who could not wear high heels for a matter of bon ton. 

The name kitten was deliberately attributed to them to indicate a heel suitable for the little ones who did not want to give up wearing a garment when they grew up. 

Manolo Blanik revived them at the beginning of the 2000s. Kitten heels have a variable height between 3 and 7 cm, the result is a sophisticated shoe with a retro flavor.  

Our Belma, Miss Montenegro 2019 always in step with fashion.