We could call it the syndrome of perfection, that mix of beautiful, intelligent, princess and perfect that society too often seems to demand from women. But will this really be the way to happiness and personal fulfillment?

Nowadays we are all competing with each other to meet the pressures of society or family to achieve success. Therefore perfectionism becomes a way to feel confident and assert your own value, the common mistake is to confuse “to do” with “to be”. Girls, even more than boys, are under this pressure.

For a woman to be considered realized, she is expected to be excellent in everything she does, as well as beautiful, nice, cultured, prepared, dynamic, helpful, smiling, but this need to excel in everything can spill over into toxic perfectionism.

Here, being bright and beautiful, happy and successful at the same time, and naturally without effort, becomes a frustrating and non-educational model of perfection, since managing a thousand things at the same time inevitably undermines our efficiency.

But there is a healthy perfectionism, it is what brings creativity, joy, enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Awareness is always at the basis of personal well-being. It is okay to set ambitious goals as long as they are achievable; evaluate the most effective ways to achieve your goals; be assertive, successful people are not afraid of making mistakes because there is always something to learn from mistakes. You have to understand what your priorities are and focus all your energies there. Learn to appreciate your value and to recognize your uniqueness.