1) Let’s talk about your agency
“Mavka Uktraine“ is a young agency on the beauty market, there is a lot of work ahead of it.

2) How do you see your agency in a year from the Miss Europe Continental final?
I know one thing, it will be on the top spot in the international beauty industry and will be partner of Miss Europe Continental for long years. 

3) In your opinion, what features should the next Miss Europe Continental have?
As for me,the next Miss Europe Continental must be educated, have an active social position, encourage women to love themselves and to do charity.

4) What vision of the woman you want to underline through the Miss Europe Continental platform? 
For sure,it must be a combination of natural beauty and the beauty of her soul.

5) What do you expect from Miss Europe Continental and what will you do to achieve your goals?
I expect productive cooperation to unite the beauty industry of Ukraine and Italy within our project.I am persistent and this is a major trait in achieving my goals. I am not afraid of obstacles, they make me stronger.