Katarina Munjic Miss Europe Continental Austria first runner up has kindly relased some declartion for our blog, model, businesswoman and mother a wonder woman of nowdays.

She has been the first to participate in our beauty contest as a modeling mother and we are very proud of this step towards a progressive future, but above all because, in our opinion, being mothers is not and should never be a disadvantage, but only one more step!

Katarina tells herself to us : I’m in Modeling since I’m 13 years old. Being a model I have so many experience and I’ve been traveling all around the world with it, as I’m a model and having back so much experience after I get married I open model agency which exists 3 years already.

Miss Europe Continental it was a big proof to me and my family that I’m still worthy in modeling business and beauty, those 5 days spending in Naples put me back on model role. Every day I work hard for big success because at the end everyone gets what deserve.

My role like a mother is very interested and beautiful, we travel a lot and my husband helps me a lot with everything, and I have to be honest I’m very happy with it.

If no another side to help women and child it’s so hard and depressed. So be happy if you have honest man and keep that. Community between family is about respect, work on it, hard hard hard work and patience!