The next Miss Europe Continental final will be in November. Are you already looking for the new Queen?

We have been working for about two months to find the new Miss Europe Continental.

Many girls who have the dream of a successful career in the world of fashion and entertainment want to participate in Miss Europe Continental, which is certainly the beauty contest that can give the greatest visibility if you want to be successful in certain areas, both in European and global context.

What are the features of the perfect Miss?

The perfect Miss must have charm, ambition, determination, pose, a sunny personality, to enjoy the moments of joy and celebration that characterize the days of preparation for the final, but also strong, to face the rehearsals for the show with tenacity and professionalism. The candidate does not need to have precise measurements regarding her body, as the beauty of a girl is not necessarily given by perfect measurements but by a set of characteristics that make a Miss unique and unforgettable.

It is very important that the Miss always show class and good manners in the backstage, and grace, ease and self-confidence on the catwalk.The perfect Miss takes care of herself and her image, follows a correct and healthy diet and exercise to stay fit.

How to register for the competition?

To register for Miss Europe Continental you can check, the official website dedicated to the competition, where by clicking on the "registration" section, you will find the form to be filled in with all your data, which will allow aspiring Misses to be contacted by the organization. 

Or to the "team" section, you can find the main team members with their contacts, you can contact each of them for more information and to register for the competition.

Any advice?

Just stay calm, relaxed, always polite and composed, smile, be honest, don't be afraid to express your opinion in the interviews, and enjoy this wonderful experience!