Belma is a beautiful Montenegrin model, 19 years old who has represented her country to the stage of the final show of Miss Europe continental which was held in the beautiful ‘Teatro Mediterraneo’ of Naples.

1) What was like participating in Miss Europe Continental.

B- For me it was like a dream:  be on a beautiful stage and feel very special, confident and proud of myself. 

So far it has been my most beautiful experience in the fashion industry and I am also satisfied with the organization we had. 

2) How did you feel with The Miss Europe Continental Staff?

B- I feel happy and satisfied. They were positive and the most important thing is that they gave me a lot of trust.

3) Have you met the Patron Alberto Cerqua? What do you think of him?

B- Well, I have nothing to say because I have not met him, but I understand that he is a busy person and he had a lot of complications and we could easily see that.

4) What projects are you working on? 

B- Well, each year is something different, so every time you plan something it’s never going to happen. So just let it go, enjoy every day, see what is coming and that’s wonderful. 

5) Would you recommend other misses to participate in Miss Europe Continental?

B- Yes of course i will recommend it. It’s a wonderful experience and a good opportunity to meet new people, beautiful girls around the world and to show the best version of yourself.