5 tips to walking on catwalk as a professional Model!

Walking on the catwalk is not as simple as you might think; study,  bearing and elegance are needed.

Old style bearing lessons
What you need: a book ... Yes, you got it right! Give it a go! You will improve your whole posture so as not to drop the book from the head when you move.

With a little exercise you will acquire an elegant ballerina's posture: straight shoulders, high head, belly in, long and well-stretched legs. Remember: don't bend your knees too much, it's considered a catwalk "mistake"!

Take the right time
Entering the catwalk should surprise those who look at you. Take long steps, keeping one foot in front of the other. What to avoid absolutely? The feet open, "duck". When you reach the end of the catwalk stop, take your time and pose. Do not rush.

Enhance the clothes you wear
Let the public observe the most hidden details, treat each garment as if it were precious and very expensive.

Actions to avoid: don't touch your hair while taking it off, don't adjust your skirt, don't spoil the clothes you wear by treating them with little care.

Pay attention to the position of the arms
Experiment with different poses, train in the mirror! For example, place a hand on your waist (or both) and play with clothing. Attention, the password is always "naturalness", do not exceed, don't force movements.

Use your eyes
The models convey security and femininity. When you start walking, locate a landmark and persistently stare at it.  Come in, leave the audience speechless, and get out!

You just have to train! Wear a pair of sensual stiletto heels and improve your walk immediately, you will be the star of the catwalk!