Can you talk to us about "why a girl should choose Miss Europe Continental"?

It's useless to say that it's one of the most beautiful beauty contest in the whole world.
Other than the "aesthetic" side of the contest, such as the stage, all the locations and obviously made perfect even thanks to the great beauty of all our contestants, the contest of Miss Europe Continental is really, really, really special.
Each girl is welcomed just like a princess from the first day to the last.
They fullfil their days with formation paths to be at their best on the stage, as it they'll have an fair competition for everyone. 
Moreover the contest gives to each model the chance to make a step to the fashion industry, working thanks to us with so many important fashion brands "Made in Italy".
In short, it's not a contest just like the other ones, it's not the type of contest that promises you to do just volunteering in Africa, but it offers you concrete working paths and also really important ones.

You are so young, how come you have such an important role in this organization?

It's now almost three years that I work with this organization.
I have to give my special thanks to the Patron Alberto Cerqua for this great opportunity that he gave me, I'm so grateful for the escalation he made me possible to do.
The only thing I can say, is that our job is made of hard work of course, but especially of passion.