Claudia Principe is one of the new Project Managers of Miss Europe Continental.

What was your impression once you became part of this great reality which is Miss Europe Continental?

C- The first thing I have noticed as soon as i became a part of this great reality was the great professionalism with which the work is carried out daily, the dedication with which the competition is prepared for a whole year and above all I noticed the difference with other beauty contests.

- What do you mean by differences?

C- For Miss Europe Continental beauty is a very important feature but differently from other contests, beauty is highlighted and underlined in all its aspects. We try to enhance the female beauty in all its forms in fact we accept Miss with a wider age range, with a wider range of sizes and height, tattoos are accepted and all women already married or with children are also welcome.

In addition, beauty is not the only important feature because we also value the talent of each Miss.

- So do you also have a talent section?

C-No. Despite the fact that girls are valued not only for their body and their beauty but also for their character attitude, for the way they catwalk, for the way they pose, for their personality. In fact, each model is followed and monitored not only during the final show but throughout the duration of the competition.

- We can therefore conclude that beauty is not everything?

Yes, absolutely. Each miss hat to be have talented. And they have to have not only a beautiful body but also a beautiful soul.