Does Miss Europe Continental approve plastic surgery on women or it prefers natural women? 

Miss Europe Continental purpose is to underline the beauty of women, and beauty comes if you have personality and confidence, so if a girl doing an intervention of plastic surgery feels more confident, we agree with this decision, and so we are not against plastic surgery,we absolutely approve, if this surgery is not exaggerate and if the women feels confident and beautiful. We also like natural women, in fact we think that all women have something special, they just have to learn how to show their light to the world.  

What kind of clothes will be prepared this year for the 2020 final of Miss Europe Continental?

Also this year the talented stylist Giovanna Ercolano will take care of the look of our contestants, preparing colorful dresses, and especially dresses that underline the strong points of the body of each model. I can’t reveal the style of the dresses, it will be a beautiful surprise, but I can say that we are already working so that everything will be perfect for November and we are very satisfied of the work of our stylist, whose dresses are remembered by everybody for elegance and sensuality at the same time. Clothes of last edition, for exemple, are available on our official website on the section “Shop” and everybody can admire them and even buy, if they want.