1. Tell me about yourself and your relationship with fashion 

I adapt fashion to my style, so to express my personality. I enjoy “coming to terms” with current trends, always following good taste first.

2. Tell us about your experience at Miss Europe Continental

Thanks also to ‘Also Eventi’, I lived this new experience for me, which showed me aspects of life that I have never considered before, it is a fascinating world in which I had the opportunity to meet many people, among these many girls from all over Europe, like me, ready to get involved in this amazing experienze.

3 What did it mean for you to win the Italian final of Miss Europe Continental? 

Winning Miss Europe Continental Italy meant great personal satisfaction that gave me more security and more awareness of myself and in some way, since it was a challenge for me. It also gave me the awareness that any challenge can be won by preparing carefully

4. What changes have occurred in your life thanks to Miss Europe Continental?

I am continuing my life path which foresees to graduate in Human Nutrition Sciences. Participation in the competition gave me much more confidence and determination to achieve my goals.

In conclusion the beautiful Asia Bottaini also says to be grateful for the opportunity given to her that has brought her many emotions and an experience that she will remember for a life time.