How will be the new Miss? Here is the most frequently asked question we receive at Miss Europe Continental!

The choice of the winning Misses is an arduous task which, as always, will be up to the Jury.

The Jury will be composed of influential personalities from the world of fashion and entertainment, whose professional skills will be fundamental to evaluate the candidates.

The chances of winning depend on many factors, the Jury bases its judgment on the observation of the Miss, on her physical characteristics, on her bearing, but not only: discipline is important, and personality, essential characteristics for a successful career in world of fashion, which from the outside may seem simple but it is not, because like any profession it requires commitment and dedication.

In fact, the Jury will be with us not only during the evenings of the shows but also in the days before, at theater rehearsals, during photo shoots, because beauty is important, of course, but our Misses are all incredibly beautiful. What will make the difference will be the attitude, the commitment, the dedication and the charisma, and the Jury will be based above all on this.