To create a book, for models or for casting agencies, the poses will have to be very dynamic, carefully constructed to highlight their potential and try, on the contrary, to mask the defects. In this case will be fundamental the knowledge of your body, the full control of your image and being easy in front of the photographic spot, knowing how to move under the lights of flashes and in a built environment like that of a set.

However, not all of them are professional models, so to learn it is definitely necessary to start inspired by the poses of the models in the magazines, trying to learn from them the small and simple tricks of the trade. One of these, the famous "S-pose". 

This pose is the basis for enhancing the harmonious and soft shapes of the female body in the best possible way. However, try to assume asymmetrical poses: for example, if you bend one elbow, it is good that the other is not perfectly aligned.

In photography, arms and hands take on a fundamental role for the attention of the observer. So if you want to hide a part of your body, for example of the slightly wide hips, be careful not to put your hands right above the hips with the hope of hiding them a little, but, on the contrary, put them on the waist: this will divert your attention from your hips to draw it to the top of your figure.

Speaking of hands: try to keep them as natural and relaxed as possible, no pressure, neither on the face nor on the clothes. Leave your hand loose and light. Hands on face yes or no? Yes, only if you are careful not to darken your face and if your hand is perfectly cared for.

Finally, do not forget the expressiveness: having a beautiful physique is not enough to be models, it takes character, so always remember to transmit it with body movements, certainly, but above all with your eyes. Be proud, feel good and above all, have fun!