Our girls always ask us how to make a good impression on the Jury, whether at a casting to be selected as a finalist, or at the final, to win the title of Miss Europe Continental.

Here are some useful tips!

1) Don’t be late!

We recommend that every model have a good habit of being on time and going to the appointment for a casting or rehearsal 15 minutes early. In these situations, the professionalism of a model is also taken into account, a delay in a shooting or a fashion show can create big problems for a photographer or art director. The advice, therefore, is to be organized and prepare everything needed at least the previous day.

2) Take care of the small details:

A well-made manicure, eyebrows in order and a certain accuracy in appearance make a big difference, do not take them as little details because it is also from these small things that you recognize a model.

3) Have a simple look:

A simple look can make the Jury understand how to enhance the image of a Miss. The advice is to choose something skin-tight: a t-shirt and skinny jeans or leggings are perfect. Always prepare a bikini because you may be asked a catwalk in underwear. The same goes for Make-Up: no heavy make-up but something light that gives a bright and natural appearance, it’s perfect to opt for mascara and lip-gloss.

4) Make a good impression:

Inquire about the Organization. Today everyone can check a website or an IG page so it will be very easy to get an idea of the Company.

Show up with self-confidence, without arrogance and asking questions, enthusiasm will be perceived.

5) Be sociable!

A beauty pageant, and casting in general, are a chance for socializing and building contacts, if a model is open to meet the girls who participate with her. Ask questions! For example, ask the girl next to you for how long she has been in this world, who her favorite photographer is or what is the last job she did! Always be open and communicative.

6) Always have a positive attitude:

This is the most important advice. A positive person fills a room with her attitude and brightness.