Joining the gym is the first step to get back in shape, but a real ‘’autumn remise en forme’’ is much more complicated! With the return to the office and responsibilities and commitments that accumulate, in fact, getting back into shape mainly means not losing motivation.

How to do? By training not only the body, but also one's willpower. In fact, for an effective autumn remise en forme, resuming physical activity is essential not only to get rid of the stress, but also to establish a new and healthy routine, which will certainly help us to maintain the benefits of summer rest.

The first thing to do is to set a final goal and create a mental path made up of intermediate stages, celebrating every success.

If you are a fan of running or cardio training, for example, consider using the jump rope: 10 minutes a day are enough to have the same benefits as about half an hour of running and, moreover, it is an exercise that it requires concentration or, at least, to forget about stress.

There is nothing better than taking note of your progress so that the autumn remise en forme is actually effective. Not to mention that keeping track of your workouts means realizing your commitment. Precisely for this reason, girls, we advise you to keep a sort of diary in which, even, to take note of the training routine and nutrition to get a complete picture of your efforts.

Therefore, write down the recipes, the foods you are learning to appreciate and anything that seems like an effort (at least at the beginning): it is extremely therapeutic and can be applied to everything, not just sports

Rely on social media to share your successes if you like. Use Instagram or Facebook to upload photos of your last run or to capture the weights you can lift - it doesn't matter what reactions it elicits, but it's a great way to celebrate your efforts.

Consider yoga classes, In fact, finding a group to have fun with and share your autumn remise en forme can be of great help to keep the mood high and always want to play sports, or only to chat!

Accept bad days and don't blame yourself if you can't complete your training schedule. Always listen to your body and don't try too hard, but rather calmly accept a bad day.

Keep your mind supple and be ready to change your approach if necessary. If you are following your program to the letter without any satisfaction, in fact, you should not be afraid to experiment new solutions.

Try, for example, to alternate different sports - going from the gym, to spinning, to yoga - but also to change course or gym, if necessary. Finally, do not be afraid to rely on a different instructor and change training methodology and even days of the week.