Sometimes we see a lipstick shade on someone and immediately fall in love with it, but once we buy it and try it on it doesn’t look that good on us, and sometimes it even makes us regret buying it. This happens because when we see it on someone else we may underestimate the accurate job in choosing it that there can be behind. 

Just like everything else we put on, even lipsticks have to be carefully chosen according to our personal features.  Even the classic and timeless red lipstick can look bad on us if it isn’t the perfect shade that suits us. The wrong shades of lipstick can make us even look older or washed out, and all around the internet there are thousands of articles with plenty of tips to follow in order to avoid buying the wrong lipstick, but the most important thing to keep in mind before going lipstick-shopping is just to choose it according to your skin tone!

The fastest way to determine your skin tone is simply to try on some jewellery:

If silver jewellery looks best on you, you have a cool/pink undertone and blue-based and purple-based shades of lipstick look best on you;

If gold jewellery looks best on you, you have a warm/yellow undertone and warm, orange-based shades of lipstick will most lickely look best on you;

If both silver and gold jewellery look good on you, you have a neutral undertone and blue-based and orange-based shades of lipstick both will look good on you.

This is a quick and essential guide to select the shade that will most likely look good on you according to the tone of your skin, but in the end don’t ever let all these tips you find online stop you from getting whatever shade of lipstick makes you feel good!