Participation in a beauty contest can be essential for candidates, for girls who do not have important opportunities in their city, for girls who spend a normal life but aspire to be part of the glittering world of fashion, not only to show off, but to express themselves through what they love most.

Participating in a beauty contest does not mean that a girl should only show off her aesthetic qualities. Every woman feels that impulse to be expressive, to change something that does not seem right or "enough" to her, subverting and not adapting to typical stereotypes. And each one is free to express this and to try her little "revolution" through a competition, a platform that does not necessarily require having a great notoriety or influence to highlight one's point of view.

A girl can express herself by capturing the attention of the public for her incredible individuality, or by inspiring other candidates, girls like her with whom she shares dreams and passions, to be themselves.

It is mistakenly thought that beauty is the only quality necessary to participate in a pageant, but just put aside superficial stereotypes and look at things objectively to understand the reality of the facts: all the smiles and the carefreeness that our girls perform with extreme grace on stage, they are actually the result of hard work, hours of rehearsals that the girls face with tenacity, dedication, professionalism, passion, effort, coordinating with many professionals who take care of their choreography, clothes, makeup, hairstyle, stage, music, filming, and a thousand other things

When a Miss shows up on stage, she not only shows her incredible beauty, but all the hard work that brought her to that moment, and the satisfaction given by the result obtained, makes our Miss even more radiant. 

Finally, the formula of the beauty contest has certainly evolved over the years to ensure that women are celebrated not only for their appearance, but also for their intelligence and talent. The beauty pageant is an educational path that prepares each Miss for her brilliant future, made up of a lot of effort rewarded by the achievement of great goals. If we want to enhance women more, we must go beyond appearances and recognize their great tenacity. The next time you see the beautiful smile of one of our Misses, think about all the effort necessary to appear so carefree!