The low chignon is  the perfect choice for spring of those who focus on simple hairstyles, because they are easy and quick to make, and because they are suitable at any time of the day. More pulled on the neck, or left soft, it is the version of collected hair that requires minimal effort and always ensures a sophisticated result. 

How to give even more style to this look? If the most classic of hairstyles risks being too monotonous and the bun with donut too set, here is the Banana Bun: the effortless chic solution to try. It is inspired by the French Twist, the "banana" crop, but in a low and tousled variant. 

While recalling the classic chignon, the Banana Bun is more messy, soft, rolled and knotted on itself, with extra movements that make it a crop with even more personality. 

It takes very little to transform even simple hairstyles, like our Miss Europe Continental Sara Taheri during a shooting.