For a walk in the city center, a special evening or for days with the family: the perfect hair look, which has been established for years, provides dream Waves. 

The waves conquer anyone and enhance hair of different lengths. Floating and soft, they give volume and a more characterizing appearance. But, when it is not possible to go to the hairdresser, how can we do them? Here are some quick and easy tips to try at home using the straightener: It is advisable to work one strand of hair at a time by wrapping it in the plate and rotating it, keeping it tilted, then proceeding to the ends. 

An alternative are the Flat Waves. To recreate them, there are special hair straighteners on the market. We proceed by inserting a small lock of hair into the hair straightener, creating an "S" shape, then proceed vertically, up to the tips. 

You just have to try! Check out the look of our Miss Montenegro 2019, BELMA RASTODER: