My name is Mariana Al Kordi. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and at 31 years I am leading Projects in the Sport Sponsoringship Area. Because of my occupacion and my fitness Hobby, the Sportsector is a big part of my life. Alongside I am working on my Business for Interior Design that I love and want to develop in the future. I am also a fullheart Painter and that's why I moved two years ago to a city full of creativity like Berlin, which is near to my home city Hannover, where I grew up. 

In the corporate world I am working on my sport projects, my interior design business and my Art. My vision is to branch them out. Beyond that I am in love with life. So my vision is to enjoy every moment, cause life is short.

Primarily I am grateful to be a part of the Miss Europe Continental Contest. It’s an important experience. Also I am looking forward to meet many people from the related areas to learn from them and looking forward for the new opportunities that may occur.

Live through your heart, the beauty will appear and the magic will happen. 

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