Fashionable clothes and accessories, outfits that follow the trend of the moment ... they help you to look classy and elegant, but the truth is that elegance is innate, it is an attitude, which goes together with our personality and with the harmony with which we relate to the world around us, it is not possible or realistic to reduce elegance to a dress or accessory we can buy.

A woman could have the right dress and accessory to be classy, but she will appear truly elegant only when she is beyond what she wears, standing out for her true personality, simple or fancy, and for her attitude.

In fact, elegance is also a matter of taste and culture. It is knowing the world in which you live, its past, its cultures, the most current trends, and choosing your own style, a style open to trends and in harmony with yourself and with what surrounds you. It is about exploring trends and choosing the elements that best suit you: being at ease is the first step towards elegance.

Here are some useful tips, simple but precious:

• Know your body to understand what enhances you most: highlighting your strengths will certainly divert attention from your flaws;

• Always match colors with balance and when in doubt always choose black, which is undoubtedly synonymous with elegance;

• Take care of the details: manicure and hair;

• Do exercises that improve posture;

• Always be polite, informed, intelligent and with the right manners.