During the second day in Naples of Sara, after being passed between the expert hands of the make up artist Nunzia Abimelech and the hairstylist Luigi Scarola, another day of hard working starts for our Miss Europe Continental 2019.

Accompanied by our team she goes to one of the most luxurious places of Naples, the Vomero, a luxury district that makes all Neapolitans dream, here another suggestive shooting starts thanks to Pasquale Garofalo, such a professional photographer, take with his wise eye some wonderful photos seems to be watching a living work of art that makes the panorama even more suggestive.

Sara wearing the masterpieces made by the skilful hands of Giovanna Ercolano, our leading designer, challenge the stiff cold of February, but she doesn’t care because this is her work, takes spectacular photos, giving a dream to all those who are there to watch it, the expression of elegance.