Last week our winner arrived at our headquarters, after a long trip back from Thailand… The year 2020 for Miss Europe Continental 2019 began with the job, a role worthy of a queen.

The morning of work starts immediately, getting off the plane, she is taken to the headquarters to be able to start with a series of breathtaking shots, but not before a precise beauty ritual, to prepare herself carefully for the shooting to be carried out by Pasquale Garofalo.

Despite the many hours of travel, our miss is a hard worker and after having fixed hair and makeup, thanks to the skilled hands of the hairstylist Luigi scarola and MUA Veronica Guerretta, we passed to a shooting with music and shots!

“ It’s my dream job – says Sara Taheri Miss Europe Continental 2019 – for this reason, all this is not a burden at all, but rather a dream come true”.