2020 definetly didin’t start off right, with the whole world being quarantine it has been a tough time for everyone, and for someone still is.

But if there is something that characterizes the human being, it is his desire to start again and go on even during a global pandemic, and just like many other fields, also the fashion field never stopped moving forward, and stylistic trends are asserted during this confinement at home. 

Many brands relayed on social networks, which are by now now essential as a clothing response to health obligations. And the current color palette has adapted to the current situation; white, beige, sand, gray and black offer a return to simplicity, sobriety and calm. A vision of a humble and minimal fashion is felt through these times of resilience.

Some fashion brands have really brought out the best in themselves, and in this regard it is important to mention the creativity of Zara, who has decided to leave room for the naturalness of the models by providing us with amateur shots, made by the models  themselves, in which they are portrayed in the naturalness of their everyday life in their own homes. 

And this, just like other campaigns of other fashion brands, is the clear example of the fact that you can go on even being confined to the same place for months.