Christmas is coming, so here there are some tips for making more professional and fashion your Christmas shots:  

1) Use Natural Light 
If you’re looking to create natural, warm and moody images, make sure you turn off your flash for some (if not most) of your photos. This allows the ambient light of the Christmas lights or fireplace to show up in your images and allows parts of the scene to fall off into shadow.

2) Use Christmas props
For Christmas portraits, consider including fun Christmas props like Santa hats and cute holiday outfits.  It’s tempting to lounge around in pajamas all day, but a little bit of extra planning will go a very long way.

3) Get Close
Putting the subject of your photo closer to the camera can help increase the amount of blur in the out-of-focus parts of the image, which works great for small details like Christmas ornaments. Be sure to keep your apertures low and consider using a macro lens to get in even closer while still being able to focus.  Again, consider turning off your flash to maintain the natural, moody feel.

Our Miss Europe Continental UK Talitha Minnis has perfectly followed  all the tips for a perfect shooting under the Christmas tree!