The world of fashion is fascinating, complex and at times contradictory. We could not care, but as Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) teaches to Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) in the film The devil wears Prada: “when we get up and get dressed every morning we are part of the great fashion system, even if we are not aware”. 

The first thing I feel like saying to models who want to do this job is: you have to be willing to sacrifice. Also you need to have very clear ideas. You don't have to hurry to get there. Indeed, one must never feel arrived, but it is important to understand that time is one and the choices must be aware. All opinions must be evaluated, but in the end have the courage to follow one's path to arrive at the right time with the right product. It's all about balance. 

The world of fashion is frenetic and requires a lot of energy, but also the ability to collaborate. People around are needed to generate inspiration, comparison and ideas. After all, we are many in the world for this very reason.