Beauty pageants have long been a contested part of our culture: some see them as a hangover from a far more patriarchal era, while others defend them for helping women of all ages to feel more confident and to know their self-worth.

But if you could just see them more closely:

- They endorse sportsmanship and hard work;
- The mental determination and physical stamina of beauty pageant are on par with any athlete;
- The most part of contestant hire personal coaches, personal trainers because they have to learn skills and poise needed to compete, they have to learn how to compose oneself on stage and in interviews, how to speak in public and mostly they have to develop a particular talent;
- They open doors to opportunity;
- Beauty pageants enable contestant to reach for so much more than a crown;
- For example, the Miss Europe Continental Organization offers a long path of one year, during which the model works with our organization, our official sponsors and she also has the chance to open herself to the most loved fashion industry;
- They give a voice to all women;
- Especially because the contests are open to all the different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds;
- They also promote the women’s freedom and right to choose how to live their own life.

In few words, beauty pageants teaches women to never be afraid to set a goal, to be driven and at the very least, to be a gracious winner.