Brown hair is one of the most popular and appreciated colors by women, but often it can be a little dull, and it is for this reason that we use techniques like balayage, to give brightness to the face.

But which shade of brown to choose? A warm shade or a colder and more intense color? It's simple: just look at the type of complexion you have.

If you have light skin with a peach, amber or golden undertone, you will have to stay on warm tones, such as honey or caramel, as our Beauty Queen Natalia Varchenko, from Ukraine . Instead for a dark complexion or on the contrary, very light, the ideal choice will be a dark brown.

In fact, contrary to what one might think, the ideal brown for women with a diaphanous complexion is the dark one. The mix of porcelain skin-dark hair is among the most perfect and successful. Just take a look at the stunning Sara Taheri, our Miss Europe Continental 2019.