Unlike generally used make-up, fashion makeup - fashion shows has no rules and can give space to maximum freedom and use of color.

As happens in the theater, on the catwalk the make-up must be particularly accentuated in order to give the spectators who are at the end of the room the opportunity to admire you, so it doesn't matter if the eye-catcher is not perfectly covered or if you see some wrinkles in more than usual, the make-up must be impactful and must respect the theme of the parade.

But it can be a very simple make-up, soap and water, an eye-lip make-up with colors that would not usually be placed next to each other or a very aggressive make-up characterized by a smokey eyes, by a work with light-dark colors therefore that it highlights the cheekbone by "digging" the cheek instead and a lipstick with a strong tone such as red, fuchsia or purple.

Usually the type of make-up suitable for the fashion show is chosen by the head of the make-up team or by the organizer himself and can be identical for all models or different but using the same tones.

For special events to the classic make up you can add the use of palettes, feathers, special false eyelashes, swarovski and glitter to give a touch of glamor.