To be a professional model, physical appearance is certainly important, but that's not all.

Becoming a model requires sacrifice and commitment as well as the right skills, both physical and mental.

The most important physical characteristic is being photogenic,this is the aspect of a model that is more difficult to evaluate and only the expert eye of a professional can recognize this quality. It is also essential to have a perfectly proportioned body, beyond the weight.

Physical appearance alone is not enough, to be a model you need poise, attitude and discipline. Participating in social events does not mean having an unregulated standard of living, on the contrary, you have to do your best to get enough sleep, eat healthy and take care of your appearance and health.

Sara Taheri perfectly reflects these qualities that led her to win the title of Miss Europe Continental 2019, in the photos you can see her during a photo shoot in Thailand with the talented @anastasia.cheers.