Movie stars are always beautiful and perfect: surely, to keep themselves so beautiful they use make-up artists and personal hairdressers, unobtainable and expensive creams and who knows what other magic. But no! We have found that the beauty secrets of stars are sometimes more handy than you think.

The famous singer has understood that to have a clean skin the trick is to be clean also inside: so pay attention to the food and what you eat! You can try to start your day as she does, taking a nice drink of water, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper every morning. Together with a few days of liquid fasting, this drink, according to Beyoncé, is a great way to cleanse the body and brighten the skin.

Julia Roberts
It seems that Julia Roberts cares a lot and cares for them with olive oil! The star of Pretty Woman, every week makes a hand wrap based on extra virgin olive oil, which she declares to be very useful also to moisturize the nails and soften the cuticles.

Kim Kardashian
It is famous for its soft and round shapes, holding the flag of all curvy women high! How does it fight the accumulation of fats? With a detoxifying drink that he regularly takes on an empty stomach: a spoonful of apple cider vinegar diluted in water and drunk strictly before meals.

Catherine Zeta Jones
She has a smile that enchants you: how does she keep it so bright? With strawberries, which are a natural teeth whitener. He takes three, crushes them with a fork, then puts the pulp on the toothbrush and rubs for a few minutes.