Beauty pageants: only for models? Not at all. Miss Europe Continental is a launching pad for all the girls who aspire to be part of the world of fashion and also of the show: girls who dream of becoming actresses, dancers, singers, presenters, and so on. Just look at our beautiful Natalia Varchenko, crowned Miss Europe Continental in 2017, who in addition to being a professional model has also become a very good singer and talented dancer: a real star!

But a beauty contest is also for girls who dream of starting their own business, perhaps starting their own modeling agency or a career in the beauty sector.

In fact, the opportunities offered by an event like Miss Europe Continental are endless. Just think of all the important personalities who participate in the event, as jurors or simply to assist, passing through the prestigious Red Carpet that precedes the Final. Like all the professionals who follow the preparation of the event during rehearsals until the final evening: model agencies, talent scouts, representatives of sponsors, directors, dance schools, make-up and hair academies, journalists, photographers. Each of these people represents a point of reference for their sector and can be an important link for each of the candidates, for a brilliant future opportunity, whether it is about the winner or not. Obviously in the end only one Miss will have the crown, but it is how the girls will face the whole path that will make them noticed in the eyes of the professionals who will accompany them.

So, girls, have fun and take your chance: it could be just around the corner!