Any girl who wants to become a model, both in the fashion and advertising sectors, must go through a casting. And often even the most beautiful and gifted ones receive a no. This also depends on small or large errors that are gradually learned to manage with experience. Today we give you some tips to face the casting at your best, paying attention to details that you might not have thought of.

1) Punctuality and organization
We recommend to every model the good habit of planning to arrive at a casting 15 minutes in advance. In a casting, the professionalism of a model is also taken into consideration, a delay in a shooting or a fashion show can create great problems for a photographer or art director. The advice, therefore, is to show you organized and provident, do not leave anything to chance and prepare everything necessary for the selection at least the previous day.

2) Am I coming alone?
The casting is usually already crowded with models, come alone without being accompanied by friends! If all the models were accompanied by someone, the environment could become a little relaxed and serene and annoy the casting directors.

3) The detail that makes the difference.
A well done manicure, the eyebrows in order and a certain accuracy in your appearance make a big difference, do not take them as negligible details in your presentation because it is also from these small things that you recognize a model.

4) How do I dress for a casting?
You have to ask yourself what the casting directors want to understand about you during the selection. Some agencies may give specific guidelines but usually what is required is a simple look that can make you understand how to use and make your image stand out in relation to the dress or product. If you do not find precise indications then the advice is to choose something close-fitting for the wardrobe: a shirt and jeans are perfect. Always prepare a costume because you may be asked to walk in underwear. The same goes for Make-Up: no heavy makeup but something light that gives you a bright and natural look, opt for mascara and lip-gloss if you are undecided.

5) Make a good impression
A good practice would be to inform yourself about the agency or client you want to work for. Today everyone has a website or a Facebook page so it will be very easy to get an idea of the product or agency.

Shake hands by introducing yourself to the casting directors, be sure of yourself without arrogance and if you have any questions, your enthusiasm will be felt.

6) What about the other models?
Many think that casting is only an opportunity to find a good job but in reality it becomes a time for socializing and building contacts if a model is open to meeting the girls who are waiting with her. Ask questions! Ask the girl next to you how long he has been in this world, who his favorite photographer is or what the last job he did! Be open and communicative.

7) Positivity
This is the most important advice. A positive person fills a room with his self-confident attitude and openness and radiance towards others.

These are our recommendations.