The basic steps? Cleansing, hydration, protection. Each step includes specific moments.

1) Cleansing: first step

In the morning, washing your face with a cleanser is important to remove metabolic waste (made up of sebum and dead cells) due to the work done by the skin itself to regenerate itself. The choice of the cleaning product depends on the type of skin and personal tastes.

Cleansing with or without water? It depends on the tolerance of your skin: usually dry skin does not tolerate tap water, much more tolerated by normal to oily skin. If you are part of the first case, use thermal water to spray on the face, a passage that - remember well! - does not replace the tonic.

2) Hydration: second step

It should always be done on a clean face. After daily cleansing, apply the moisturizer.

Which one to choose? It depends on age and needs: preventing wrinkles, fighting spots, counteracting skin relaxation or opacifying. Apply the cream in circular movements, from the center to the outside of the face, without rubbing the skin too much.

3) Protection: third step

It is the final step of the beauty routine, but no less important for this. After the face cream has dried thoroughly (time is enough to get dressed), apply a city sunscreen or a foundation with SPF.

Complementary skincare treatments

Face masks

When? Once or twice a week. They are always applied on a clean and dry face. The cleaning masks are eliminated with water, the moisturizing ones with a tissue. In the first case, follow a tonic and then the moisturizer. The hydration and / or nourishment mask does not generally need additional moisturizing cream. Some of these can be left overnight.