Miss Europe Continental in the World is a beauty contest born to give the opportunity to participate in the competition to all the girls with European origins who live abroad.

The Competition, with its network of Agents, plans and carries out monthly selections throughout the world.

The requirements of the perfect candidate are:

– Age from 17 to 28 years old
– A minimum height of 1.70 cm
– European origins

Miss Europe Continental in the World is searching for girls who are in possession of:

– Personal beauty
– Poise
– Charm
– Strong personality
– Tenaciousness and ambition
– Self-confidence
– Attitude for the catwalk

Our potential candidates are all those girls who are strongly determined to have a career in the world of show and fashion. In this regard, the final of Miss Europe Continental in the World takes place in Italy, a place that is a world reference for fashion that allows us to give girls concrete job opportunities for their future.

Opportunities from the Contest:

The final of Miss Europe Continental in the World will be a real fashion show that will involve the whole world.The girls will compete for the title and the winner will participate in the European final representing her European origin and her nation of belonging.

Participate to Miss Europe Continental allows each candidate to:

– Live a great learning experience;
– Deal with other candidates coming from the whole world;
– Improve their image through direct advices of professional people;
– Have the opportunity to participate in the European final;
– Increase their visibility through all the promotional material ;
– Build their own future without dreaming, but in a concrete way.

How to enter:

Learn how to subscribe for free to the competition (click here to have access to the section)

Official regulations

Click here to view and/or download the official regulations in pdf format.

The “Miss Europe Continental” mark is owned by Alberto Cerqua.