The agency Invictus is official partner of Miss Europe Continental in Brazil. His Director Miller Vieira talks about the agency, its goals and future projects

“The agency Invictus Staff was born with the objective of connecting partners to real opportunities, using Technology Management in operational processes, Training and evaluation”.

What do you expect from Miss Europe Continental and how will you manage the event tour in São Paulo?
“Participating in this great project is an honor for us from the Invictus Staff Agency, essential for us who want to position ourselves in the fashion field as we see in this a great opportunity to show the strength we have in the search of new ways to reach our growth constant”.

Which features the perfect candidate of Invictus Agency should have to participate in the World final of Miss Europe Continental 2019?
“Our perfect candidate must have more than sympathy, demonstrate everything we seek within our essence, humility, happiness and discipline to achieve her goals”.

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