Interview with Director Santiago Delgadillo of Enfoque Global, a company that operates Reina Nacional del Perú, through which the representative of Peru for Miss Europe Continental will be elected

Tell me more about the company Enfoque Global

We are operators of our own brands and through one of the competitions of Reina Nacional Del Perú we will take charge of choosing the best representative of Peru for the Miss Europe Continental. It is a challenge that the whole team has assumed with great honor and responsibility.

Another contest that we operate is Miss Sudamérica since 2015 and year after year it is consolidating in the region.

Our preparation is quite demanding with the candidates, they go through a process of preparation quite complete in order to provide the best experience to our contestants. We promote the eradication of stereotypes and promote the realization of social works in an active way.

What do you expect from Miss Europe Continental?

We are sure that it will be a very pleasant experience on the part of the Miss Europe Continental organization. We hope that our representative is up to the task and achieve an excellent performance during the competition. We have high expectations and we will prepare the winner of our contest to have an impeccable presentation in the contest.

What characteristics for your opinion should Miss Europe Continental of Peru have?

It will be a woman who adequately represents Peruvian women, who is an example and who inspires other women to take action to achieve their goals. She will be a talented, beautiful women, in an integral way, educated, with a great temperament and solid personality and with service vocation towards the most needed.

How do you see Reina Nacional del Perú in a year since the final of Miss Europe Continental?

We have chosen Miss Europe Continental as the most important event in Europe and we are sure that our participation will allow us to give our candidates more opportunities to grow and show the beauty of Peruvian women to the world. We are aware that Miss Europe Continental is an excellent platform for recognition and development.

What vision of women do you want to underline through the Miss Europe Continental platform?

A woman with content, possessing an integral beauty, with personality, committed to herself and to society. Worthy of representing and being an example of women worldwide.

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