Interview with director Linda Bosire of the L.B the Agency, official partner of Miss Europe Continental in Finland

Tell me more about your agency

L.B the Agency is a model/Event management Agency based in Kuopio, Finland.L.B represents diversity through talents and uses modeling as a tool to do so much more. Our Agency recognizes, treasures and prides in the diversity of its members.

What do you expect from Miss Europe Continental?

Miss Europe Continental shouldcreate role models and serve as an inspiration to the young talents and pass a message that ´Dreams are Valid´ .
We also intend to widen our network, create more visibility for our Agency and show the Beauty of Finland to the rest of the world.

What characteristic for your opinion should have Miss Europe Continental Finland?

A talent who can represent our nation in all aspects of beauty.Besides the outer beauty, great personality, humble, intelligent, outgoing and bold, adventurous. The personality is important in our search.

How do you see your agency in a year from the final of Miss Europe Continental?

Miss Europe Continental offers a good and wide networking platform and gives a chance for our Agency to be more visible not only within Finland but on a more International level.
One year from the Final of Miss Europe continental19 we Expect that our Agency will have more members more collaborators and actively facilitating more events

What vision of the woman do you want to underline through the Miss Europe Continental platform?

Our vision for the women through this platform is mainly empowerment and to highlight issues such as positivity, promote confidence and self-acceptance.

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