G&G Models Africa is the official partner of Miss Europe Continental in Nigeria. His founder, Emmanuel Effiong Ekpo, talks about his company and expectations. Enjoy the interview!

G&G Models Africa was born in April 2014. It was founded by me, the Executive Director, Emmanuel Effiong Ekpo.

G&G Models Africa was established mainly to scout , train and develope young boys and girls, deserving and talented enough to be future super stars. It was also established with an aim to revolutionize the modeling industry in Nigeria and Africa, thereby giving the industry more visibility worldwide. She was created to change the life of the youth in Africa in its own way, provide employment and a platform for deserving youths to make a BIG break. It was created to be the best.

G&G Models Africa has so far acheived a handful of its goals and is getting even better. We have done lots of fashion shows and our models have gotten the visibility they craved for. But its going to get only better, as there is still a lot to do and achieve. We have major plans for the future that would put a smile on the faces of every model or staff working with us . We plan to expand and break into the international market outside Africa , create a link from Africa to the rest of the world and improve the standard of modeling in Nigeria and Africa. We have so much to do in the future that the ones listed is just a tip of the iceberg , everyone should watch out , we have something huge coming.

What do you expect from Miss Europe Continental and how will you organize the event tour in Nigeria?

I am extremely optimistic and can’t wait for the Miss Europe Continental to get here. The pageant promises to be one of the best in the world. Being that it is my first time sailing these waters, it excites me so much , I want to see the different European cultures, the lovely city of Naples, the team , the models , the patron , just everyone. I am so happy to be part of this , its a dream come true.

Organizing the event in my country is going to be a Final. I plan doing a huge final event were 20 finalist will contest for the crown of Miss Europe Continental Nigeria. These finalists would have been carefully selected from a pool of girls all over Nigeria , which they were the best. The finalists will then go through 1 week of grooming, tasks and adventures until the Grand Final in Nigeria where the Winner of Miss Europe Continental Nigeria will be crowned.

What features should have the ideal candidate of G&G Model Management in order to participate in the World final of Miss Europe Continental 2019?

Our ideal candidate will have the best features. She will have Beauty, elegance, poise, confidence, intelligence, personality, ambition & good ethics. She will be the complete package. We will select nothing but the best.

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