Miss Europe Continental is an international beauty contest born with the aim to enhance the Italian and European feminine charm, but also the cultures of the different countries participating in the competition.

Based on the latest trends in fashion and cinema, this contest underlines the female beauty and with great pride the faces, bodies and relevant charm of the contestants.

The International Competition, with its network of Italian and foreign agents, plans and carries monthly selections throughout Italy and Europe.

Miss Europe Continental is searching for Miss who are in possession of:

– Poise;
– Personal beauty;
– Strong personality;
– Tenaciousness and ambition.

Opportunities from the Contest

Throught the cooperation with the high-sounding brand of high fashion and international style there is the possibility of ensuring the aspiring Miss awards like employment contracts and opportunities based on professional activities in the beauty industry, in the Fashion field and in the Cinema.

Who are our candidates

Our potential candidates are all those girls animated by the desire to stand out in fashion, entertainment and television, or those who wish to pursue a career as models and/or as mannequins.

Participate to Miss Europe Continental allows each candidate to:

– Live a great learning experience;
– Deal with other candidates of the European territory;
– Improve their image through direct advices of professional people;
– Have the opportunity to win prizes and prestigious titles;
– Increase their visibility through the involvement in all the official events of Miss Europe Continental ;
– Build their own future without dreaming, but in a concrete way.

How to Enter

Learn how to subscribe for free to the competition (click here to have access to the section).

Official regulations

    Click here  to view and/or download the official regulations in pdf format.

The “Miss Europe Continental” mark is owned by
 Alberto Cerqua.