We interviewed Vivienne Sharman Lewis, the new national director of the United Kingdom for the “Miss Europe Continental” beauty contest

We interviewed Vivienne Sharman Lewis, the new national director of the United Kingdom for the “Miss Europe Continental” beauty contest. The competition is in fact growing and has been building for some time a European and global platform in which more and more girls have the opportunity to show off not only their beauty, but also their talent and their ability to enter in new contexts working. Vivienne has a great experience in national and international competitions and aims to share its backgroung through this great platform.

What do you expect from this new adventure with Miss Europe Continental ?

“I now hope this new adventure will not only be a breath of fresh air, introducing me to a new European family in some forty countries, but will once more allow me to help young women gain access into business oremploymentopportunities, by becoming the best they can possibly be, but for themselves!

and what will you bring from your extensive experience to your new journey ?

My Finishing School for Pageant Queens, offering modules in business, networking, social and personal skills, as well as in beauty, health and fitness.
Unique titles that bring career opportunities for the girls, e.g. “Miss Best Networker”, sponsored by Business Networking organisations, with a year’s free membership to two Business Networking Clubs, that opened doors into a corporate world.
My TV project ‘Looking Good, Feeling Fabulous!” can give the UK contestants opportunities to demonstrate their skills in promotion and modelling. My marketing and pr skills, to offer my sponsors an added-value sponsorship package, and to utilise my events skills, creativity and experience, to create events and grand finals as high-profile, promotional platforms, from which to promote their products and services.”

What is your philosophy about beauty contests in general ?

“My philosophy is to never underestimate the potential and power of pageants in creating a “win win” situation for all involved, for both our contestants and the corporate sponsors. Businesses can gain through the high profile feel-good, glamorous marketing machine and platform we offer for brand promotion and to attract new market-places.
Contestants gain from an enjoyable, productive and educational pageant experience that affords them access to training and support to maximise their pageant experience, and to fully realise their true worth, potential and opportunity into careers and businesses.
I still believe that pageant have a role in creating national country, as well as brandambassadors, who can promote the very best of their country in tourism, arts and culture,fashion and design, as well as business, to the rest of Europe and the world. Even in post Brexit Britain, I believe that socially, politically and economically, it is vital to maintain links for a unified and strong Europe, that embraces all cultures and creeds, to helps and supports each other.

What are the ideal characteristics that you think your contestants from the Uk will possess ?

To be a brand ambassador requires natural attributes, a sense of a style, as well as a strong work ethics, maturity and emotional intelligence. Girls with a positive outgoing happy disposition will always be a pleasure to work with, so will attract more work, but they will still need to have ambition and the potential to embrace and accept growth and development and the ambition and tenacity to seize the moment.
My aim is also to find true, but modern representatives of each of the countries of the United Kingdom, while still celebrating the multi cultural diversity that the UK now offers.

What is your relationship with Italy, home of the European Miss Europe Continental

Apart from my love of all things Italian in art, culture and fashion, I have spent a week  there, as part of a creative team to organise and host an amazing Glass Slippers Ball, during Carnevale. https://youtu.be/dJgZ_mOVb4c To be dressed in 17th century costume, parading in San Marco’s Square, and at our Ball was intoxicating. I spent time building alliances with businesses there for a new on-line shopping site, artisans, ateliers and mask makers of Venice and finding models and costumes for a commercial that we filmed against the Gothic splendour of Venetian architecture and canals, for a new Italian perfume house. We experienced the Opera of La Traviata set in a Venetian palace, and filmed the Opera singer who had performed at our ball. The experience had rekindled my love of Pre and Post Renaissance Italian art, artists, sculptors, fashion, culture and music.
So, it seems, my love affair with Italy will now continues.

Vivienne aims to use her Sales and Marketing experience and deep understanding of the marketing and promotional needs of a diverse range of industries, for the benefit of sponsors and finalists alike. To maximise sponsors promotional opportunities, via this high profile glamorous marketing machine, to promote their products and services into new market-places, while offering a unique, highly-creative approach to pageants, based on her career/work experience, as a graphic designer/illustrator/visualiser.
After invaluable experience, as Director of a National Pageant, which produced three Welsh ladies for world Finals in 2011 and 2012, Vivienne was applauded for raising the bar on pageants nationally, due to the quality of her venues, shows, performers and prize packages, while winning a national award for the most charitable pageant for the fund raising done and an award for Excellence in Marketing, for Promoting People, Businesses and Brands. One pageant saw winners enjoy a luxury holiday on the Algarve, due to sponsorship won by Vivienne from Algarve Charter Sailing and Castro Marim Golf and Country Club and fashion spreads in the press to promote all the sponsors involved.
The Dream Continues !!!

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